Enlit Europe - Milan - Retrospective

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When adding cutting-edge decision support systems into control rooms, what problems should be expected?
What is a solution provider's approach to dealing with these issues? 

During the Grid Hub session, our Senior Energy Consultant, Julien Le Baut, gave a presentation on the hot issue of Artificial Intelligence-based Congestion Management and Voltage Control. The talk, titled "Empowering Grid Dispatchers with AI: a Software Practitioner's Experience," (Available to download) focused on the analytical and integration problems that N-SIDE has faced over the years.


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Do’s and don’ts of AI

Manoel Rekinger and Michael Malcorps, our energy experts from N-SIDE, held an interactive session over some Belgium beers at the Belgian Pavilion to demonstrate real-world applications of Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in the energy sector. After swiftly outlining N-SIDE's purpose, they encouraged the audience to raise their coasters and offer their thoughts on how AI should be used to address the energy sector's most pressing concerns. When asked about the economy, for example, people were not always on the same page.




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Key learnings from the conference

The N-SIDE team's attendance at Enlit Europe 2021 provided an opportunity to reconnect with our partners and customers after nearly two years apart, as well as forge new relationships with the energy community.

The need for grid intelligence is a prominent topic these days. Congestion control is becoming more and more of a reality. We've talked about it for years, but it's finally happening at the TSO and DSO levels. And we've arrived at a point where we'll need technology to do so. How can artificial intelligence be used to do active network administration while simultaneously preparing the control room of the future?

We've noticed three trends throughout the course of numerous face-to-face conversations and conference speeches:

  • The growing need to bring electrical grid and markets together

  • The emergence of new technologies, such as Edge Computing and Digital Twins

  • The decentralization of assets and continuous regionalization of grids


Despite the apparent constraints, the energy business cannot afford to slow down. The congress provides a wonderful opportunity for all stakeholders to reflect on how to address the key challenges in the energy transition. 






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