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N-SIDE helps buyers and sellers anticipate
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Short-term electricity markets are increasingly volatile due to uncertainty around the supply-demand equilibrium. If properly anticipated, this increased volatility can be converted into additional revenue streams.

Precisely when you decide to hedge your positions can have a significant impact on your performance. At the same time, you could develop a more active market strategy to increase your indirect margins by dynamically opening and closing positions, or even by arbitraging markets with different maturities (e.g. day-ahead against intraday or imbalance).

Make the most of your market access and increase your revenue with an optimized trading strategy. Let AI extract trends from the data that drives energy prices and anticipate market fluctuations. N-SIDE’s expertise in energy forecasting, embedded in a proprietary cloud-based platform, enables better management of risks and identification of opportunities.

Additionally, N-SIDE forecasts come with a transparency toolbox that allows you to interpret the output of the models and isolate the contribution of each input feature to the final result.


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15+ market participants rely on N-SIDE expertise

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More than 2M€ saved annually by our customers


More than 1200GWh managed annually


Electricity Price Forecasting

Leveraging machine learning technology and numerous data sources, The N-SIDE Energy Forecasting Platform provides high-accuracy insights for short-term electricity markets.

Manage the forecasting process from end-to-end, from data mining to performance monitoring. Our AI models, leveraging thousands of fundamental data points (consumption, generation mix, renewable generation, weather data, etc.), have been specifically developed and fine-tuned for short-term electricity markets, from week-ahead up to real time.

Plus, the solution is hosted on a secure cloud, enabling seamless implementation.

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Professional Services



N-SIDE is your reference partner for any forecasting problem related to the energy sector.

N-SIDE’s unique combination of energy knowledge and machine learning expertise enables us to develop unique solutions that help our customers achieve better results.

Our forecasting expertise is delivered in a phased approach:

  • Offline proof of concept: get a clear view of the added value of our forecast for your use case
  • Live pilot: experience the N-SIDE time series forecasting platform in a live environment
  • Industrialized solution: scale the solution across your organization
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