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The N-SIDE Energy Forecasting Platform and related services enable
system and network operators to build and customize forecasting
and decision support solutions for a wide range of use cases.

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Foresight and decision support in an uncertain energy system

In a world where variable, decentralized energy resources and transnational coordination are adding complexity to system operation, the capability to anticipate and adapt to a rapidly changing situation is key.

Forecasting the evolution of parameters such as the system imbalance, the available flexibility on the market, or the load at a specific substation becomes crucial to keep the lights on.

The N-SIDE Energy Forecasting Platform enables the development of predictive and prescriptive forecasting services. Whether you’re starting from a demonstrated use case or building a new one, our forecasting services can be easily customized to your specific needs.

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Load Flow Forecasting Services

The adoption of controllable converter based technologies such as HVDC and the appearance of reverse flows on lower voltage networks are bringing challenges to your grid security analysis. Reinforce or complement your power flow simulation for active and reactive power.

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Nodal Load Forecasting Services

You need to understand the future loading conditions of a specific class of network elements, either because an asset is aging or simply to ensure proper coordination among different grid operators. This solution can deliver the required view on the future conditions of your assets from week-ahead to real-time.

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System Parameters Forecasting Services

You may want to predict more complex operational parameters such as system imbalance, the availability of free flexibility bids, or the possible commodity price spread between two countries.

This solution lets you define your application and strategy (i.e reduce maximal errors, define probabilistic ranges) and get the volume prediction you’re looking for.

How it works

Make optimal decisions with
forecasts you can trust.

The N-SIDE Energy Forecasting Platform combines state-of-the-art technology with expert
support, and can be customized to match your specific use case.

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On top of your data, the N-SIDE Energy Forecasting Platform leverages more than 500 data sources and 50,000 free parameters to generate high-quality forecasts. Inputs include fundamentals data (consumption, generation mix, renewable generation, weather data, etc.), direct market information and your data through a Push API .

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We focus on families of algorithms such as boosted regression trees which we’ve rendered explainable with proprietary methods and a dedicated user interface, to eliminate the black box effect and deliver the maximum level of interpretability

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Forecasts are delivered and updated at the optimal moment in order to maximize their business value. They are available on a reliable user-friendly platform, giving you the opportunity to adapt the tool to your own workflows. You’ll also benefit from a clear visualization of your performance. 

This same platform supports all our other forecasting applications, enabling you to access all your forecasters in one place.


Integration and Support

Our forecast results are available by default through a secure API connection, making it simple to integrate the Energy Forecasting Platform with your existing systems and operational processes.

Meanwhile, our support and maintenance services ensure robust, reliable, and secure operation through our Service Desk:

  • Single point of contact per client, you will always be heard
  • Easy tracking of the request for us but for you as well
  • Share tickets to your colleagues


Precision without understanding is nothing. Our platform comes with a graphical interface and a transparency dashboard that ensures you can understand, at any moment, the impact of each driver and data source. 

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Get a view of the highest-impact system parameters for your operation, from week-ahead to real-time.

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Our forecasting platform is responsive to your specific needs. Access tailor-made forecasts that have been validated on a wide range of use cases.

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Get easy access to the forecasts you want by integrating them into your operations via API.

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Avoid the black box effect. Our explainable machine learning algorithms enable fully transparent forecasts.

Proven solutions

  • target
    30% MAE improvement on peak load forecasting on substations
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    3 days to validate the performance for a new use case
  • optimize energy
    500+GWh optimized annually
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    15+ companies relying on N-SIDE’s Energy Forecasting Platform

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