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Build the optimal solution with help from the experts

Using our co-creation approach, we’ll work with you to create a production-ready solution that meets your exact needs.


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With co-creation, we tackle exciting challenges together with our clients by applying cutting-edge techniques from the extensive N-SIDE analytics toolbox.

Whether the solution requires nonlinear optimization, reinforcement learning, or another advanced analytics technique, N-SIDE will select the right methodology and provide experts and tools to help you build your new solution.


Leveraging the domain knowledge of both your business stakeholders and N-SIDE’s energy incubation experts, we’ll work together through ideation and prototyping to arrive at an innovative, production-ready application.

How it works

From proof of concept to production

Our co-creation service is divided into three phases:

Phase 1: Prototyping


A combined team of experts from N-SIDE and your business will co-create a prototype solution using advanced analytics.

We rely on a lean approach using short iteration cycles during this phase. After each development cycle, you’ll have the opportunity to assess the value of the new solution and make a stop, pivot, or go decision.

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Phase 2: Industrialization


We design prototypes in such a way that successful ones can be easily turned into production-ready applications.

A team of dedicated software engineers will make sure your application is seamlessly integrated within your IT and operational ecosystems and has the necessary computational power in the cloud. Finally, it will be extensively tested to ensure it is robust and reliable.

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Phase 3: Support


N-SIDE provides ongoing support, maintenance, and continuous improvement for our co-created solution.

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“With N-SIDE, we can rely on a team of analytics experts that understand the business, and with whom we can collaborate intensively to prototype and build impactful solutions which can be adopted by our employees.”

Elia Group


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Energy experts

We’re not just analytics experts; we’re energy industry experts as well. This allows us to rapidly understand your challenge and draw possible solutions from our own experience.

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Analytics experts

The N-SIDE team has expertise in a wide range of advanced analytics techniques. We pride ourselves on always being able to apply the right technique for the job.

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Cutting edge ideas

N-SIDE remains at the cutting edge of our field, maintaining close relationships with leading researchers and institutions to incorporate the latest academic findings into our state-of-the-art solutions.

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Power matching algorithm

N-SIDE's Power Matching solutions for system operators and power exchanges are robust market clearing algorithms optimizing supply and demand matching in a closed-gate auction fashion.

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Outage planning optimization

Determine the optimal strategy and schedule for grid interventions and related outages, leveraging advanced analytics to understand constraints and achieve your business objectives.

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Dynamic Reserves Dimensioning

The Dynamic Reserves Dimensioning solution enables system operators to move closer to a real-time dimensioning approach, allowing them to better adapt reserves to the real imbalance risk faced by the system.

Featured resources


Co-create AI applications in power systems: An example through the smart work and outage planning use case

N-SIDE and Elia stakeholders describe the Co-creation approach used to develop the Outage Planning Optimization solution.

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Soteria optimizes TSO-DSO coordination & unlocks unused distributed flexibility

N-SIDE is proud to work on the Soteria project. We’re working with TSOs and DSOs to unlock unused distributed flexibility and ensure proper consumer-TSO-DSO coordination to guarantee safe operation of the grids.

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FlexPlan: long-term grid investment planning tool

N-SIDE is involved in the FlexPlan project, which aims to establish a new grid planning methodology that considers the opportunity to introduce new storage and flexibility resources in electricity transmission and distribution grids.

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