Our unique approach to implementation

Our deep experience in energy markets and strong background in applied mathematics enable our consultants to advise system operators and power exchanges on a variety of market design challenges.


Maximize impact while
minimizing risk

Match-Integrate-Support is our gradual product implementation and adoption approach. By following this approach, we ensure our products provide benefits for your own needs, implementation is low-risk, and that all N-SIDE products operate reliably and are continuously improved.

In the first phase, Match, we assess the value of the N-SIDE product for your specific needs.

In the second phase, Integrate, we deploy the N-SIDE product within your own operational and IT environment, in the cloud or on-premise.

Finally, the Support phase consists of ongoing support for all users, as well as product maintenance and improvement.


Proven process for low-risk adoption


Step 1: Match

The goal of the Match phase is to assess the added value and benefits of the N-SIDE solution. This is an important check before committing to an integration project.

Matching can be done in different ways:

  • By assessing the performance of the solution using historical data and comparing outcomes to actual results
  • By analyzing results using simulated data (useful when preparing for the future and checking the future-proof behaviour of the tool)
  • By comparing the performance of the N-SIDE product in parallel with your existing tools

During this phase, we work to understand your needs and processes and assess how the product parameters can be adjusted to match your specific requirements.

When applicable, we test what-if scenarios and provide strategic recommendations, providing transparent analytics to challenge current tools and processes.

Finally, we assess different integration options based on your requirements (e.g. interfaces, hosting, cybersecurity, etc.)

The Match phase is usually performed as a fee-based consulting engagement.


Step 2: Integrate

You’ve decided to implement an N-SIDE product. The next step is to integrate it within your existing IT systems and adapt your processes.

The Integrate phase involves:

  • Adapting the N-SIDE product to your specifications
  • Automating the data ecosystem (e.g. building a real-time connection to your data)
  • Extensively testing the solution on your data and for your use cases though standard practices (unit tests, functional tests, integration tests, factory acceptance tests)
  • Supporting you through user acceptance tests (and site acceptance tests if needed) and pilot phases prior to go-live.

Finally, we go live with the N-SIDE product, potentially running it alongside your existing processes at first.

The Integrate phase is usually performed as a fee-based project.


Step 3: Support

At this point the N-SIDE product has been successfully integrated and tested and is used in operations by your teams.

N-SIDE offers ongoing and continuous support, including:


  • Continuous adaptation and improvement of the N-SIDE product based on your feedback and our product development roadmap
  • Maintenance including bug fixes, library updates, documentation, QA processes, testing, reporting, and stability
  • A service desk to handle incident reports, change requests, and information requests
  • Delivery of hotfix releases in case of major incidents
  • Training of your users (e.g. IT, business, operations, managers) as well as your own support team (when applicable)
  • Business support to coach business users about optimal use of the product

When products are integrated using a SaaS approach, we also offer continuous solution monitoring and alerting systems.

Support services are customized to your needs using one or more SLAs. There is typically a yearly right-to-use license fee, including access to the N-SIDE product, support, and maintenance.

In addition, consulting services may be provided to help you to analyze and understand results and communicate with internal and external stakeholders.


“Through N-SIDE’s globally acclaimed algorithm solution for power markets, we have been able to offer complex bid types to our market participants. This will indeed support Indian industries and the distribution utilities in further optimizing their power procurement costs and in turn, also improve electricity affordability for their end-customers.”

S N Goel Chairman & Managing Director, IEX


Make the right decision

The challenges faced by energy stakeholders are enormously complex. Before implementing any N-SIDE product, we verify using quantitative analysis that it is the optimal choice for your business.

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Manage risk

Abruptly implementing software and changing processes can be risky. Our gradual, step-by-step approach helps you minimize risk while maximizing ROI.

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Use a solution adapted to your needs

Throughout the Match-Integrate-Support process, we fine-tune our products to suit your requirements and constraints.


power line icon Power matching

N-SIDE's Power Matching solutions for system operators and power exchanges are robust market clearing algorithms optimizing supply and demand matching in a closed-gate auction fashion.

Outage planning icon Outage planning optimization

N-SIDE's Power Matching solutions for system operators and power exchanges are robust market clearing algorithms optimizing supply and demand matching in a closed-gate auction fashion.

energy arrow icon Dynamic Reserves Dimensioning

The Dynamic Reserves Dimensioning solution enables system operators to move closer to a real-time dimensioning approach, allowing them to better adapt reserves to the real imbalance risk faced by the system.

energy chart icon Forecasting

The N-SIDE Energy Forecasting Platform and related services enable the development of customized forecasting or decision support solutions for both system operators and market participants.


production plan IMG@2x

Production planning optimization

N-SIDE experts can help you optimize all steps of manufacturing and drug flow (e.g. quantities, timing, allocation) across the clinical supply chain, from formulation to packaging and beyond.

Adapt your manufacturing to real-time events, manage risks, and plan up to 10 years out. If you have scarce resources, a complex manufacturing network, or a large amount of products, this service delivers valuable visibility, control, and waste reduction.


Strategic manufacturing
decisions optimization

Many important decisions need to be made in R&D manufacturing/CMC. Outsourced or in-house manufacturing? Which network should I use? What’s the optimal stability plan? What’s the best way to handle scale-up to Phase 3 and the transition to commercial?

N-SIDE clinical manufacturing specialists will use our software to optimize the most important strategic decisions for your program, delivering important cost savings and waste reduction.



Change management

Transitioning to a digital, data-driven clinical supply chain requires more than technology; it demands adaptation throughout the business.

N-SIDE experts will support your change management journey, starting with a clear vision associated with measurable added value for R&D efficiency.

Keeping this purpose in mind, N-SIDE will help your teams take advantage of advanced analytics to become a truly data-driven organization.


End-to-end program optimization

By optimizing manufacturing for the entire clinical program and optimizing supply for each individual trial, we can typically free up to 50% of the initially planned quantities and accelerate time to commercialization by 2-6 months.

We accomplish this by reducing drug needs at the trial level and limiting manufacturing waste. That enables us to either cancel production lots and re-allocate the resources to new programs, or to re-invest that drug into increased sites and recruitment speed.

N-SIDE Suite
support services

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Implementing the Supply App, Production App, or the entire N-SIDE Suite?

Implementation support needs differ depending on your project and internal resources. N-SIDE provides tailor-made implementation and change management services to help you realign your processes and reduce time to value.

training green

N-SIDE offers comprehensive training to onboard your team to our tools and technologies. There are different training tracks for the different roles that will interact with the N-SIDE Suite.

Training sessions are led by N-SIDE experts who bring different concepts to life through hands-on exercises and explanations of case studies.

Discover all training options in our training catalogue

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In addition to structured training sessions, N-SIDE experts are also available for one-on-one coaching.
Use this time to ask specific questions about N-SIDE software and apply what you learned in training to your own projects.

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Strategies for managing internal grid constraints in the European balancing platforms

The Norwegian TSO Statnett, together with N-SIDE, is conducting an ambitious R&D project to address new challenges emerging from the implementation of the European balancing platforms.

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Time-series forecasting in energy: the need for explainable AI

Energy players need to explain decision making, even when it’s powered by AI. We’ve developed a unique method for improving transparency called multipole expansion.

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