Forecasting and optimization solutions for power grids and markets

We accelerate the transition towards renewables and electrification by enabling leading grids and market players in making better, faster and safer decisions with machine learning and mathematical optimization technologies.

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We develop solutions for several segments

N-SIDE provides expertise and deploys advanced analytics software for
organizations around the world and throughout the energy value chain.


System Operators solutions

N-SIDE helps system and network operators (DSOs, TSOs, ISOs, etc.) make optimal decisions with a combination of advanced analytics, industry experience, and software expertise.

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Power Exchanges solutions

Seamlessly match supply and demand in challenging electricity markets. N-SIDE is the trusted provider of auction-based electricity market clearing algorithms currently powering exchanges in Europe and India.

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Our software products leverage advanced analytics and AI to simplify
decision-making and improve efficiency.


N-SIDE uses machine learning to produce a variety of forecast for system operators, including system imbalance forecast and congestion risk forecast.

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Power matching

This robust market clearing algorithm matches supply and demand bids in a closed-gate auction fashion, considering potential congestion and other constraints to produce market clearing prices and volumes.

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Outage planning optimization

Determine the optimal strategy and daily schedule for grid interventions and related outages, leveraging advanced analytics to integrate your constraints and achieve your business objectives.

Reserve dimensioning

This solution uses machine learning and advanced analytics to enable TSOs to dynamically adapt reserves volume based on the real imbalance risk faced by the system.


Our skilled team of energy experts and software engineers will work with you to develop
innovative AI and machine learning-driven solutions to your biggest challenges.

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Market design

Our deep experience in the energy sector, coupled with our strong background in applied mathematics, enables our consultants to advise system operators and power exchanges on innovative market design questions.

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Leveraging the knowledge of both your business stakeholders and N-SIDE’s energy incubation experts, we’ll work together through ideation and prototyping to arrive at an innovative, production-ready application.

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Let us facilitate the gradual adoption of our software products by your organization while mitigating risk and maximizing impact using this proven step-by-step approach



System operators

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Increase efficiency and reduce cost while maintaining high reliability.

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Become more agile.

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Reduce balancing reservation costs by up to 10%.

Power Exchanges

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Optimize price setting and bid acceptance at maximum social welfare value.

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Optimize allocation of cross-border scheduled exchanges.

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Work with the company whose solutions enable 200M€ in matched trades daily.

Market Participants

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Get robust and non-ambiguous recommendations.

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Profit from value-based pricing.

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Benefit from an objective function fitting your precise needs.

Case study

EUPHEMIA: How the European Power Exchanges couple the electricity market

The EUPHEMIA algorithm developed by N-SIDE calculates electricity prices across 25 European countries and allocates cross-border transmission capacity on a day-ahead basis.

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Accelerate time to market with clinical supply optimization

Wastage in clinical trials is accepted as the norm, but there is another way: end-to-end clinical supply chain optimization. Download white paper

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud. View Webinar
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Sanofi improves clinical trial monitoring with N-SIDE Suite for Clinical Trials

Sanofi has implemented a new solution to improve clinical trial monitoring: using dashboards from the N-SIDE Suite for Clinical Trials. Read case study


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Advanced analytics

We’re always on the cutting edge. Working with N-SIDE guarantees you access to the latest AI, machine learning, and optimization algorithms (and the experts who know how to use them).

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Energy expertise

The energy sector is unique in its scope, complexity, and business needs. The specificities and constraints of energy businesses are all accounted for in every N-SIDE product and service.

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Software development

N-SIDE solutions aren’t just ideas or prototypes. We create robust solutions that run at scale in critical environments.


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Featured resources


Time-series forecasting in energy: the need for explainable AI

Energy players need to explain decision-making, even when it’s powered by AI. We’ve developed a unique method for improving transparency called multipole expansion.

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Strategies for managing internal grid constraints in the European balancing platforms

The Norwegian TSO Statnett, together with N-SIDE, is conducting an ambitious R&D project to address new challenges emerging from the implementation of the European balancing platforms.

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Innovative operational planning for TSO built on advanced analytics

Elia, one of the European TSOs, partnered with N-SIDE to achieve more agile planning and more stable execution of works, increasing the number of activities planned while significantly reducing the stress on the grid.

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