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N-SIDE's Power Matching solution for power exchanges optimally matches supply and demand in closed-gate auctions. Power Matching is currently running in several markets, setting day-ahead electricity prices and transmission capacity allocation for market participants and grid operators.


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Maximize welfare with integrated energy market optimization

N-SIDE's Power Matching solution for power exchanges is an auction optimization algorithm that can be integrated within new or existing energy market operations. It is currently in use in several markets, including India. 

Power Matching was developed by N-SIDE, building on the strong experience acquired with the implementation, maintenance, and support of EUPHEMIA, the algorithm used for the European single day-ahead market coupling. On a daily basis, EUPHEMIA matches bids and offers for about 200M€ value and calculates the day-ahead prices and cross-zonal flows for the vast majority of European countries.

Power Matching matches supply and demand bids in a closed-gate fashion, considering potential congestion and other network constraints, to reach solutions that maximize social welfare. The algorithm returns market clearing prices and volumes for each time period and geographical area. It can be used for various market time frames, such as long-term, day-ahead, or close to real-time operations.

Power Matching allows market participants to use a wide range of bids to best reflect their offer or need. Similarly, the system operator can provide various types of network constraints to be considered at the market clearing stage.



Advanced electricity
supply-demand matching

Power Matching is integrated into new or existing market platforms, offering robust capabilities for exchanges.

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The solution takes the order books (single bids, block orders, etc.), network data (topology, ATC, PTDF, losses, ramping, etc.) and market rules (pay-as-clear, tiebreak, etc.), and matches supply and demand in the most optimal way for maximum social welfare, while respecting various constraints. 

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The solution is able to cope with a large number of binary variables. This is done by integrating cutting-edge optimization techniques (mixed-integer linear and quadratic programming) into a robust algorithm relying on a high-quality mathematical solver, boosted with side heuristics.

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The algorithm outputs market prices, activated volumes, allocated capacities, congestion rents and other relevant metrics. This optimization can also couple multiple periods (e.g. 96 quarter-hours) and order books from multiple markets.


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Production planning optimization

N-SIDE experts can help you optimize all steps of manufacturing and drug flow (e.g. quantities, timing, allocation) across the clinical supply chain, from formulation to packaging and beyond.

Adapt your manufacturing to real-time events, manage risks, and plan up to 10 years out. If you have scarce resources, a complex manufacturing network, or a large amount of products, this service delivers valuable visibility, control, and waste reduction.


Strategic manufacturing
decisions optimization

Many important decisions need to be made in R&D manufacturing/CMC. Outsourced or in-house manufacturing? Which network should I use? What’s the optimal stability plan? What’s the best way to handle scale-up to Phase 3 and the transition to commercial?

N-SIDE clinical manufacturing specialists will use our software to optimize the most important strategic decisions for your program, delivering important cost savings and waste reduction.



Change management

Transitioning to a digital, data-driven clinical supply chain requires more than technology; it demands adaptation throughout the business.

N-SIDE experts will support your change management journey, starting with a clear vision associated with measurable added value for R&D efficiency.

Keeping this purpose in mind, N-SIDE will help your teams take advantage of advanced analytics to become a truly data-driven organization.


End-to-end program optimization

By optimizing manufacturing for the entire clinical program and optimizing supply for each individual trial, we can typically free up to 50% of the initially planned quantities and accelerate time to commercialization by 2-6 months.

We accomplish this by reducing drug needs at the trial level and limiting manufacturing waste. That enables us to either cancel production lots and re-allocate the resources to new programs, or to re-invest that drug into increased sites and recruitment speed.

N-SIDE Suite
support services

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Implementing the Supply App, Production App, or the entire N-SIDE Suite?

Implementation support needs differ depending on your project and internal resources. N-SIDE provides tailor-made implementation and change management services to help you realign your processes and reduce time to value.

training green

N-SIDE offers comprehensive training to onboard your team to our tools and technologies. There are different training tracks for the different roles that will interact with the N-SIDE Suite.

Training sessions are led by N-SIDE experts who bring different concepts to life through hands-on exercises and explanations of case studies.

Discover all training options in our training catalogue

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In addition to structured training sessions, N-SIDE experts are also available for one-on-one coaching.
Use this time to ask specific questions about N-SIDE software and apply what you learned in training to your own projects.


“Through N-SIDE’s globally acclaimed algorithm solution for power markets, we have been able to offer complex bid types to our market participants. This will indeed support Indian industries and the distribution utilities in further optimizing their power procurement costs and in turn, also improve electricity affordability for their end-customers.”

S N Goel Chairman & Managing Director, IEX



Power Matching efficiently optimizes your market to maximize social welfare, relying on state-of-the-art technologies to return optimal quantities and market prices.

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Power Matching enables fast resolution of complex auctions, enabling market growth. In Europe, where the technology is used with very large datasets (i.e. all EU day-ahead), resolution time does not exceed 12 minutes.

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Power Matching can be easily adjusted to meet your most complex requirements related to order type, network model, and pricing scheme.

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Power Matching uses a transparent algorithm. The technology relies on clear and publicly available market rules; input/output are checked to ensure clear understanding of results and reproducibility.

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Power Matching can easily be integrated within your environment via REST API, either on-premise or in the cloud.

Proven solutions

  • hands pink icon
    4 TWh daily volume traded
  • budget orange icon
    200M€ transaction value traded
  • person green icon
    1.8 billion people served
  • time blue icon-1
    12 minutes resolution time

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