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1. Why should I choose N-SIDE?

N-SIDE is uniquely suited to helping energy system operators, power exchanges, and market participants address their biggest analytics and optimization challenges.

That’s because our team combines three critical areas of expertise: advanced analytics, energy, and software development.

We leverage cutting-edge, best-in-class AI, ML, and optimization technologies; use our deep understanding of the specificities of the energy sector to apply them; and bring robust, scalable software solutions to critical environments.

2. Which advanced analytics techniques does N-SIDE utilize?

The N-SIDE team has mastered a variety of advanced analytics techniques, including:

  • Mathematical optimization (mixed-integer, constraint programming)
  • Machine learning (supervised, unsupervised)
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Statistics

These skills give us the ability to select the best technique for solving your specific problems.

3. What is the tech stack of
N-SIDE’s products?

N-SIDE Energy Products are developed using best-in-class, robust and innovative technologies at all levels. Our technology stack includes amongst others:

  • For secure, efficient and scalable SaaS integration and deployment: Kubernetes, Gitlab, SonarQube, Docker
  • For Professional monitoring and operations: AWS, Elastic, Kibana, Grafana 
  • For flexible communication with our clients' systems: OpenAPI, OAuth2
  • For reliable data management: PostgreSQL, AWS S3
  • For high-performance analytics libraries: IBM CPLEX, IBM CPO, Tensorflow, Keras
  • For intuitive and user-friendly graphical interfaces: VueJs, Django

N-SIDE internal technology catalogue is continuously reviewed and adapted by our dedicated technology advisors, to follow the best industry standards. A technology assessment process is also in place to evaluate new technologies.

4. What is the background of N-SIDE’s team members?

Our team members bring a variety of skills and experiences to our clients’ projects.

About a third of our team members have PhDs in applied mathematics or data science. The business experts on our team have worked for trading companies, power exchanges, and system operators. And our software developers have experience developing robust, market-ready solutions.

Most of our team members have backgrounds that combine more than one of these skills.

5. Does N-SIDE provide support and maintenance with service level agreements?

Yes! We provide professional support and maintenance services with service level agreements adapted to your specific needs, including change requests and evolutive maintenance.

6. How can I get a demo of one of N-SIDE’s products?

If you’re interested in getting a demo of any of our products, simply fill out the form on the Request Info page, and we’ll get back to you ASAP with details.

7. I would like to use advanced analytics to solve a problem. Where can I start?

It’s possible that we have already developed a product that can help. If so, we can assess its value for your organization using a feasibility study.

If we don’t have an off-the-shelf product available that fits your needs, we can co-create a solution with your team.

Either way, the best way to get started is to fill out the form on the Request Info page so we can learn about your use case.

8. How is quality managed at N-SIDE?

Quality is extremely important to us. We developed a quality management system (QMS) that comprises a set of documents and controls covering core business activities and operations, including standard operating procedures. The QMS groups and organizes reference documents and information in globally applicable and accessible formats so that anyone at N-SIDE can use them to ensure quality.

In addition, we continuously improve quality through a process management system that enables each employee to do their job right the first time and every time in a safe and stimulating work environment.

We’re committed to maintaining effective processes and policies and supporting them with the latest industry best practices and guidelines.

9. How does N-SIDE ensure the security of our services?

Security is a top priority for the N-SIDE team. We understand that security is not the concern of a single department or role but of everyone in the company. Therefore, we deploy all the required technical, operational, and organizational controls to ensure the appropriate level of security at all times. These include:

  • Access control, secrets, and keys management
  • Change control, risks, and vulnerability management
  • Information security and privacy management

N-SIDE conducts awareness training campaigns for all employees and contractors to promote best practices on how to identify, report, and manage security threats. We also regularly conduct security audits and penetration tests performed by independent third-party providers.

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