Optimized maintenance
and outage planning

Determine the optimal strategy and daily schedule for grid interventions and related outages, leveraging advanced analytics to integrate your constraints and achieve your business objectives.



More network activities.
Fewer outage opportunities.
What now?

With the energy landscape in full transition, more infrastructure projects and maintenance works are needed on the electrical grid. At the same time, system and network operators have fewer opportunities for outages and more uncertainty related to outage timing.

To respond to these growing challenges, N-SIDE, together with the Belgian TSO Elia, developed a generic optimization software product for system and network operators. This innovative solution allows for more agile, integrated, and optimal planning of grid interventions and related outages.

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Load Flow Forecasting Services

The adoption of controllable converter based technologies such as HVDC and the appearance of reverse flows on lower voltage networks are bringing challenges to your grid security analysis. Reinforce or complement your power flow simulation for active and reactive power.

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Nodal Load Forecasting Services

You need to understand the future loading conditions of a specific class of network elements, either because an asset is aging or simply to ensure proper coordination among different grid operators. This solution can deliver the required view on the future conditions of your assets from week-ahead to real-time.

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System Parameters Forecasting Services

You may want to predict more complex operational parameters such as system imbalance, the availability of free flexibility bids, or the possible commodity price spread between two countries.

This solution lets you define your application and strategy (i.e reduce maximal errors, define probabilistic ranges) and get the volume prediction you’re looking for.

How it works

Optimize your intervention and outage
planning with advanced analytics.

With the Outage Planning Optimization tool, you’re able to optimally schedule, with daily granularity, up to 10,000 outage needs coming from your Asset Management and Investment tools for a time horizon spanning from year-ahead planning to week-ahead updates. 

Due to the size and the complexity of the exercise, N-SIDE selected constraint programming to model and solve the problem. This innovative analytics technique makes it possible to consider multiple customizable business objectives with network and resource constraints in an integrated way.

This explicit modelling of operational constraints and business objectives allows for more stable planning of activities when possible as well as more agile planning when necessary, to quickly adapt to unexpected changes in operating conditions.

The solution also enables multiple users to collaborate with a single tool:

  • Enable planners and foremen to keep track of planned interventions and frequently update grid activity needs and resource availability 
  • Enable network analysts and planning engineers to schedule and track planned outages over time on multiple voltage levels, and adapt network constraints based on the evolution of the grid
  • Enable key decision makers to understand the impact of prioritizing one business objective over others by performing what-if scenario testing and sensitivity analysis
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Parameters may include:

  • Prioritization and requested execution intervals of grid activities
  • Incompatibilities and dependencies of grid activities
  • Workforce availability, capacity, and competencies (dispatchers, field technicians, switching operators, etc.)
  • Impact on the security of supply: criticality of outages, risk of energy not served or not injected, outage opportunities, and incompatibilities
  • Impact on the market (e.g. cross-border capacity)
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On top of your data, the N-SIDE Energy Forecasting Platform leverages more than 500 data sources and 50,000 free parameters to generate high-quality forecasts. Inputs include fundamentals data (consumption, generation mix, renewable generation, weather data, etc.), direct market information and your data through a Push API .

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We focus on using families of algorithms such as boosted regression trees and deep neural networks that are not prone to the black-box effect, and we’ve even developed a proprietary algorithm with a dedicated user interface to deliver the maximum level of interpretability.

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Forecasts are delivered and updated at the optimal moment in order to maximize their business value. They are available on a reliable user-friendly platform, giving you the opportunity to adapt the tool to your own workflows. You’ll also benefit from a clear visualization of your performance. 

This same platform supports all our other forecasting applications, enabling you to access all your forecasters in one place.

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Integration and Support

Our forecast results are available by default through a secure API connection, making it simple to integrate the Energy Forecasting Platform with your existing systems and operational processes.

Meanwhile, our support and maintenance services ensure robust, reliable, and secure operation through our Service Desk:

  • Single point of contact per client, you will always be heard
  • Easy tracking of the request for us but for you as well
  • Share tickets to your colleagues
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Precision without understanding is nothing. Our platform comes with a graphical interface and a transparency dashboard that ensures you can understand, at any moment, the impact of each driver and data source. 


“N-SIDE, as a flexible partner in this innovative development, is a key success factor for a breakthrough project. Contacts are on the same page as our business representatives. They understand each other and there is trust and a real will to go the extra mile.”

Nick Van Peborgh Synapse Program Leader, Elia


Achieve annual targets

Increase the number of maintenance works and new infrastructure projects executed each year by optimizing the distribution of your grid activities and the use of your operational teams.

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Reduce operational

Reduce the workload of your planners, network analysts, foremen, and switching operators by combining their business expertise with the power of advanced analytics and by reducing the number of required switching operations.

Ensure security of supply

Reduce stress on the grid by grouping activities on the same network assets and scheduling works on critical assets during the least risky periods.

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Increase stability
and agility

Optimize your planning based on explicit parameters to increase stability. Then re-optimize your planning more frequently to quickly adapt to unexpected changes in operating conditions.

Boost collaboration

Get the full picture of your planning
in a single tool and improve the
connection between the planners,
network analysts, and foremen
involved in the process.

Proven solutions

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10-40% increase in the share of your maintenance plan executed each year

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15-25% increase in interventions per outage

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10-20% decrease in planned outages and associated switchings

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8-10% decrease in planned outage duration

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