at E-World 2022



June 21 - 23, 2022

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E-World energy & water GmbH, Essen, Germany


Hall 2, Stand 2-238



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14:00 - 14:15, June 21- 23 | N-SIDE Booth | Hall 2, Stand 2-238

Energy forecasting reacting to Market Changes: Case study of MARI and PICASSO


One of the major upcoming reforms is the implementation of the European Balancing platforms MARI and PICASSO. At N-SIDE we are active in understanding the impact of these changes, and to mitigate the effect it will have on AI-based algorithms.

N-SIDE is the trusted algorithm provider of the largest power exchanges in Europe and India. Our Energy Forecasting Solution encompasses a unique combination of cutting edge, data-driven analytics and energy markets domain expertise. This is what allows us to react promptly to structural market changes and provide a reliable product which empowers market participants in their decision making journey.

Join this session with N-SIDE to enhance your understanding on how the European Balancing Markets of the future will appear and how are we adapting our solution to accommodate this change. 


What will you learn?

  • What the new Energy Balancing Markets will look like at the European Level and the changes MARI and PICASSO introduce 

  • The path N-SIDE took in energy and balancing markets, from the development of EUPHEMIA (SDAC European clearing algorithm)  through the participation of the RFP drafting MARI

  • The advantages of combining data-driven analytics with domain knowledge in your Forecasting

  • How the usage of confidence intervals and transparency can empower you, as a market participant, in these uncertain times

  • Informal discussion on some of the main challenges at stake in the present evolution of the energy market 


Giancarlo Marzano Energy Analytics Consultant

Giancarlo holds a double master's degree in Electrical Engineering from KTH (Sweden) and INP Grenoble (France) with a specialization in Electricity Markets and Smart Grids. He works on Techno-Economical and Business Development aspects around Grid Flexibility, Local Electricity Markets, Power System operations, and Forecasting Solutions