at FlexCon


June 27 - 28, 2022



10:30 - 11:00, June 27 | Track 3

From design to daily operation: the flexibility journey of a System Operator


Unlocking the power of flexibility to maintain the security of supply and increase the cost-efficiency is the ultimate goal of many actors across the energy value chain.

The path for reaching this objective is different for each actor, TSO or DSO, and across each geography. The starting point of this journey is key to ensure a successful end. All technical, economic and regulatory factors must be carefully considered and balanced to find the right market models that fits your specific needs.

Through a series of breakthrough pilot projects demonstrated across several countries, N-SIDE has supported multiple TSO and DSO along their flexibility journey, from the choice of the most appropriate market design, including the best coordination model, to the continuous operation of local flexilibility markets with our solutions.

Through this presentation, N-SIDE will be glad to share and exchange with you on our learnings. 

Projects: EUniversal, SmartNet, Coordinet, Cornwall LEM, IO.E Soteria , Statnett T&D, ORES E-Cloud

What will you learn?

  • The main questions addressed in each phase of the flexibility journey and how to answer them

  • The key challenges related to the organization of optimal flexibility markets with multiple buyers and different roles and responsibilities

  • Practical take-aways from pan-european projects set up over the last 5 years


Julien Le Baut Senior Consultant

Julien is a Senior Business Developer at N-SIDE, with a strong technical background and international experience in the Energy sector. He is passionate about the role played by advanced analytics and energy markets in accelerating the energy transition. He has a demonstrated history of working in the innovation applied to the energy sector, both in Austria and in France, and in particular with system operators. Julien holds a master degree in Energy Engineering from Grenoble INP.

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