Connect with N-SIDE
during the trade mission in India
on renewable energy


September 26 - 30, 2022




Mumbai, India
September 26-27
Delhi, India
September 28-30

Optimizing energy markets in India

Supporting Indian power exchanges, industries and utilities

The renewable energy market in India is promising. According to the Ernst and Young Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index’ (RECAI) published in 2021, India is ranked 3rd on the attractiveness of their renewable energy investment and deployment opportunities.

As a key partner in the energy transition context, N-SIDE helps leading energy players to make better, faster and safer decisions, in a renewable-powered and electrified world. Based on machine learning and mathematical optimization technologies, N-SIDE solutions contribute to future-proof energy grids and markets facing the challenges of the energy transition.

Recently, N-SIDE has exported its homegrown Power Matching Algorithm with extensive proven-track record in Europe to India. With a purpose to increase the efficiency and the scalability of the ever growing electricity market, the algorithm is currently used by two of the largest power exchanges in India. 

The trade mission to India organized by AWEX, Hub.Brussels and FIT, is an  opportunity to connect with current Indian partners and explore further business opportunities with Indian energy actors seeking for innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the energy transition in their country.

Connect with our energy experts

Sophie Marquet VP - Energy Product

After holding many positions both in technical and business roles at N-SIDE, Sophie is now leading all our Energy activities. Together with her team, she’s striving to accelerate the energy transition with innovative advanced analytics solutions. Sophie is driven by our values of transparency and commitment, and finds her motivation in addressing the challenges of system operators, power exchanges and market participants all over Europe and beyond. With a Master of Engineering in Applied Mathematics, Sophie has a deep expertise in electricity markets and algorithms. Having contributed to Euphemia, the European day-ahead market coupling algorithm, is one of her proudest achievements!

Guillaume Leclercq Deputy VP - Energy Markets

Guillaume is currently leading the market solutions business at N-SIDE, after more than 8 years at N-SIDE spent in consulting and leading roles in the Grid & Markets domain, applying optimization and AI for various projects and actors. Recently, Guillaume has been in charge of the successful integration of N-SIDE Power Matching Solution at IEX, the largest power exchange in India.With a PhD and Master in Applied Mathematics (UCLouvain, BE), Guillaume has a deep knowledge of the advanced analytics solutions developed at N-SIDE for the power exchange and system operators.