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Who is N-SIDE

N-SIDE is a deeptech firm that helps leading energy players make better, faster and safer decisions, in a renewable-powered and electrified world.

We're doing so by combining deep industry expertise and data science into easy-to-grasp and cutting-edge software that transform uncertainty and complexity into deterministic outcomes.

Based on machine learning and mathematical optimization technologies, our solutions contribute to future-proof energy grids and markets ready for the challenge of the energy transition.

N-SIDE is the trusted provider of auction-based electricity market clearing algorithms currently powering the largest power exchanges in Europe and India.

Our forecasting solutions dedicated to market participants helps buyers and sellers reduce their risks and make optimal decisions by anticipating the price dynamics of short-term electricity markets.

Our grid solutions help leading TSOs and DSOs better anticipate the risks in their network and take optimal decisions in terms of system operation and asset management.

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