Intraday power market arbitrage – Does Artificial Intelligence live up to the hype in value generation?

What You’ll Learn In This Webinar

Intraday power market volatility makes short-term portfolio optimization more and more complex every day. The increasing liquidity also creates unprecedented opportunities for informed traders that can open and close positions several times a day, without requiring a physical asset backing up their actions.

  • Which type of indicators can be used to develop a market arbitrage model
  • How to deal with market volatility in the definition of a trading strategy
  • How to transform the raw output of an AI algorithm into actionable trading recommendations

Webinar Recap

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About the Speakers

Adrien Rosen Head of Product Business Ownership

Adrien Rosen is an experienced professional in the Energy sector with demonstrated experience in commodities markets. Adrien is passionate about the fast-paced energy sector, more specifically commodity markets. He believes the energy transition will be enabled by a combination of new technologies, data valorization, renewable energies, and appropriate market designs. Adrien has a demonstrated history of working on energy markets with live market trading activity (CWE gas and power markets) and a master's degree in electromechanical Engineer (energy).

Pierre Artoisenet
Pierre Artoisenet Energy Senior Expert

With a background in physics and statistics, Pierre has built robust statistical analysis and numerical modeling skills, first in the high-energy physics academic community and then in the corporate energy sector. Besides his technical work, Pierre has produced high-quality reports (including international publications in prestigious journals) and presented talks on many occasions. At N-SIDE, Pierre led a technology suite of innovative algorithms for energy price & volume forecasts, and brought breakthroughs in the field of Explainable AI (XAI) to increase interpretability of trained models.

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