Redefining flexibility management: how to meet all needs with System Operators coordination


March 31, 2022


Online Event


11:00 am - 11:55 am (CET)

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The coordination of the flexibility management among different actors, system operators, or market operators, is a crucial subject debated for more than a decade now. With the emergence of “flexibility markets and the related  platforms” at different levels, things start to be concrete. Still, finding the best possible coordination model to ensure goals such as maximizing welfare or ensuring security of supply while respecting the roles and responsibilities of every actor remains a challenge. 

Satisfying all needs and ensuring that flexibility is used by the best stakeholder, at the best place at the best time requires a holistic approach to be developed. Some concrete examples of such approaches exist and are currently either demonstrated or deployed. 

Through a multitude of research and innovation projects, N-SIDE has tested and deployed several approaches to effectively coordinate flexibility needs. Through this webinar, N-SIDE would be glad to share and exchange with you on these learnings. 

What you will learn

  • The key challenges related to the organization of optimal flexibility markets with multiple buyers with different roles and responsibilities

  • Different approaches to organize a flexibility market 

  • Lessons learned from research, demonstration, and implementation of flexibility coordination mechanisms


Yves Langer Senior Energy Expert
Arnaud Debray Energy Analytics Consultant
Damien Denayer Senior Software Engineer

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