New Indian power exchange HPX powered by N-SIDE technology

New Indian power exchange HPX powered by N-SIDE technology
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With effect from July 28, 2022, the N-SIDE Power Matching Algorithm is used by the new Indian power exchange Hindustan Power Exchanges Ltd (HPX), to set the market prices and executed volumes for their day-ahead (DAM), green day-ahead (GDAM), and real-time (RTM) markets. HPX will greatly benefit from N-SIDE technology enabling scalability and flexible bidding products.


After deploying and continuously improving the Euphemia solution for the European market for more than 10 years, N-SIDE is thus further contributing to the fast-growing Indian power market.


The DAM, GDAM, and RTM organize energy trading between HPX market participants while accounting for transmission constraints across bidding zones. The N-SIDE Power Matching Algorithm is run every day for DAM and GDAM closed-gate auctions, setting the HPX market prices and executed volumes for each quarter-hour of the next day, and maximizing social welfare. The algorithm is also executed every 15 minutes for the RTM closed-gate auctions, optimizing the trading for the next two quarter-hours. 


The N-SIDE solution used by HPX integrates cutting-edge optimization techniques (mixed-integer linear and quadratic programming) into robust software. The solution is able to cope with a large number of binary variables (allowing for market growth) while satisfying the most advanced software standards. Having such a powerful algorithm at the core of market operations is a key asset in the context of massive electrification and power market reforms in India.


Power exchange can be a very complex matter, but N-SIDE's algorithm always finds the most optimal solution given the available resolution time. The N-SIDE algorithm increases the efficiency of the Indian energy market, to the benefit of Indian citizens, as it makes it easy for participants to offer complex bid types to suit the changing needs of the market. 

Power Matching matches supply and demand bids in a closed-gate fashion










N-SIDE is immensely happy to contribute to the improvement of the Indian market power via one of its key Energy solutions. The daily usage of N-SIDE solutions for the Power Matching of both European and Indian wholesale markets positions N-SIDE as the key expert on market clearing activities, and as the ideal partner for the launch of new electricity markets.

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About the Author

Thomas holds a PhD in Business Statistics from KU Leuven and is a Senior Consultant at N-SIDE. Thomas has a strong expertise in advanced analytics solutions for the energy sector, based on machine learning and mathematical optimization techniques, together with a solid knowledge of electricity markets. Thomas is the N-SIDE project manager for Euphemia, and takes an active role in the development of N-SIDE market clearing activities, notably in India. Thomas also has a strong experience in the reserve dimensioning topic via multi-year collaborations with Elia and Svenska kraftnät TSOs.

Thomas Gueuning

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