Webinars Series

Get an insider view from people who craft power market auctions every day

In this exclusive webinar series, developed by our team of experts, you will learn from the very people who are responsible for shaping the power market auctions every day. You will better understand how market clearing algorithms such as those used for the European day-ahead market (EUPHEMIA) and other power markets work.

We'll begin with the basics and progress to the most advanced.

What will you get out of it?

  • Get a close look at the main power market in Europe, i.e the Single Day-Ahead Market Coupling, relying on EUPHEMIA.
  • Enhance your knowledge of the current energy market situation and how it can evolve.
  • Understand how prices and volumes are determined by market clearing algorithms.
  • Anticipate future challenges, such as renewable or storage integration, zonal vs nodal, and other market design dimensions.
  • Or if you simply enjoy an in-depth conversation about the power market with industry professionals.
Power matching inputs illustration
Capsule 2: Hands-on with EUPHEMIA as an example

How do modern power market auctions work?

Feb 1st, 10 am CET | 12 pm GMT+3 | 6 pm GMT+9

What you will learn

  • What are the inputs & outputs of a market clearing algorithm, such as the one used for the Single Day-Ahead Coupling of electricity markets in Europe
  • What are the main design elements of auctions
  • How the electricity prices and volumes are computed in practice
  • What are the main challenges in computing prices and how we overcome them

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Who is N-SIDE?

N-SIDE is a leader in power market clearing algorithms. We have been working on EUPHEMIA since its inception; we co-designed EUPHEMIA with European Power Exchanges, and built and maintained it for the past decade, all with an eye toward making it future-proof for the next decade. Our solutions are used by multiple Transmission System Operators and Power Exchanges worldwide.